Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer  North London

I am a BSc (Hons) degree Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer with over 7 years of experience, working in North London, offering both home visit and on site services

My Mission

I'm a passionate sportsman, with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy, fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 7 years of experience and numerous other health and fitness qualifications.
"I love that I get to see people become the best versions of themselves, by helping them reach their goals."

What is a Sports Therapist?

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability - The Society of Sports Therapists


How you can get that body you always wanted

My expertise as a Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer provides me with the skills to work with you to create a specific and personalised plan which will best enables you to conquer your objectives.

I provide a range of services:

  • Personal Training
  • Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation
  • Sports & Deep Tissue Massage
  • Dry Needling & Medical Acupuncture
  • Sport Specific Strength
  • Conditioning Stretch Therapy

All services are carried out in your own home, my facility near Alexandra Palace Station or an agreed location in North London.

Personal Training

Personalised training programs and sessions to help you achieve your specific goals. Improve health, sporting performance, body image, flexibility and strength.

​Massage: Sports and Deep Tissue

Relieve pain, relax stiff and knotted tissue, injury prevention and restore range of motion

Sports Therapy

Injury assessment, prevention, rehabilitation, manual therapy and strength and conditioning.

Dry Needling

Relieve muscular pain and improving functional range of motion through the use of acupuncture needles inserted into myofascial trigger points or "knots" in the muscle.

Specific Strength & Conditioning

Relieve pain, relax stiff and knotted tissue, injury prevention and restore range of motion

Stretch Therapy

Injury assessment, prevention, rehabilitation, manual therapy and strength and conditioning.



"I had a neck and shoulder injury and Josh was recommended to me by a friend. I can honestly say my injury, which was quite significant was pretty much healed within just a few sessions. Josh is incredibly knowledgable and takes time to listen and understand exactly what the problem is so that he can tailor the rehab or sports massage to correct the problem. Josh also provided a lot of advice and tips on things I could do for myself to speed up the healing process and minimise the risk of me sustaining a similar injury in the future. Thank you Josh."


"I have benefited hugely from Josh’s personal training. He is skilled at customising a workout which takes into account my current fitness levels but encourages me to push to achieve new targets, at the same time knowing how far to go so that I am not overwhelmed. This has helped me to achieve a feeling of success throughout. Josh’s knowledge and advice around nutrition and how the body works has also been integral to helping me achieve new goals. I am now at ease doing things in my 30’s I never attempted or thought possible to do in my 20’s."


"Josh is one of the best therapists I have encountered. Normally there is a compromise when choosing between a physiotherapist and a sports therapists. I have normally gone for the later because I am not disciplined to diligently carry out the required exercises to help myself. Josh however is extremely strong on the technical side of his profession and this becomes very obvious when he is carrying out the treatment required. Mine was a desire to stop the typical old age rounding of shoulders – and lack of stature. The results have been extremely impressive – with friends and colleagues now commenting (without being prompted!). I would highly recommend him."
David - whose aim was to correct his posture.
The first picture shows session 1 and the second is after only 4 sessions
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